Designer Geckos produced many of our own breeders in house and also obtained the fine geckos in our breeding collection from only the best, high quality gecko experts in the industry who are committed to producing premium leopard geckos.  We have made a substantial investment in obtaining the most outstanding, brightly colored breeding stock available to ensure that our geckos will be among the best 5 star geckos available in the world.

Here are a few examples of our collection and outstanding breeders:




An incredible gecko, Zorro is perhaps the most brilliantly colored and most boldly marked Bandit we have ever seen, and we are thrilled to have this amazingly beautiful male in our collection.  Zorro is being bred to our very best 5 star Bandit females, and will produce the best Bandits in the world for years to come.


Torrid Tangerine Enigma Female

Venus's unbelievable coloration is a great example of why so many of us get drawn into the leopard gecko hobby!  She is truly a remarkable animal, and will be bred with our prize Tangerine male, Mandarin, to produce stunning animals.  We look forward to these babies with great anticipation!




Mandarin Tangerine Enigma Female

Torrie has to be one of the most beautiful Enigma geckos ever produced.  A daughter of the beautiful Venus, and our star Tangerine, Mandarin, this pretty girl has it all...stunning coloration, beautiful tail, and perhaps above all no neurological issues that some Enigmas have exhibited.  We will continue to breed for these traits, and Torrie is sure to produce outstanding offspring for years to come.  We get many requests for her babies, though they will be in very limited quantities....hopefully you'll be one of the lucky ones to add a Torrie baby to your collection.  Best of luck...


Buffalo Bill: 

Giant Mack Snow Male

Buffalo Bill is a massive Mack Snow with huge body structure, nice light color, silver eyes, and a wonderful, friendly personality.  Billy, the mayor of our gecko store, is always happy to greet our customers and spend quality time with them on why leos are such great animals.  He is producing some very amazing offspring, and it's an honor to have him in our collection.  He's become famous world-wide, and we get many requests for his offspring.  We will be producing more in the future, so stay tuned to developments about this wonderful gentle giant.




Super Hypo Tangerine x Blood Hypo Female 

Angel is an absolutely stunning beauty.  We were lucky to obtain this great gecko, and are continually dazzled by her outrageous colors, brilliant coral orange carrot tail, and perfect conformation, plus her charming personality make her one of the most prized geckos in our collection.

Our plan is to breed her with Jason, our top-notch SHTCTB from the Gecko Genetics line. 



Giant Banded Lavender Female 

Violet Rutherford is a beautifully colored giant banded lavender with incredible spotting and markings....truly a very unique gecko.  Check out the black heart on her nose and the smiley face markings on the head.  She produces amazing offspring!!





Mack Snow Eclipse Fascio Male

This boy has it all, beauty, grace, intelligence, and one of the best personalities of any gecko we've ever been around!  Bear is amazing, and is a genetic powerhouse.  His offspring, including Super Snow Eclipse Fascios,  will be great additions to any collection.  He is truly one of our very favorite geckos in our entire collection.




Lavender Reverse Stripe Mack Snow Eclipse

Starlight is a one in a million gecko that we were very lucky to acquire. She has solid black eyes, incredible coloration, and a stunning, unparalleled purple dorsal stripe.  We plan to produce the "Starlight" line in the coming months.

Stay tuned for what are sure to be show-stopping offspring from this beautiful gecko.




Names TBD: 

Super Snow Eclipse Fascio

Show-stopping geckos!  Just added to our collection, this male and female are going to be among the talks of the gecko world as they produce offspring that will be some of the best in the gecko world in the future.


Earl the Pearl and Rose:  

Snow Diablo Blanco

Rose, aka Pinkie, and the great Earl the Pearl, are beautiful pure white animals with solid red eyes! They are a new morph, a Snow Diablo Blanco. These gorgeous geckos are some of the most beautiful leos in our collection.



Mrs. Ronnie: 

Super Giant Sunglow Female

Mrs. Ronnie is a beautiful Giant Sunglow with bright solid yellow color and spectacular bright orange carrot tail.  Her massive body structure, great color, and sweet personality make her the ideal female for our best gecko, Ronnie.  Be on the lookout for these offpsring, some of the very best Giants to be produced in the world.



Zorro Bandit Female

Our best Zorro female from 2011.  Amazing gecko, perfect in every way.  In 2012, she worked with us on our Zorro Mandarin Bandit project and produce 14 incredibly beautiful babies that we will use for our orange Zorro Bandit project.   Lucky also has an A-1 personality, super friendly and smart with wonderful colors and bold patterns.  This girl has it all.






Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot Tail Baldy Male

Jason, regarded by many as one of the very best tangerines in the world today, is an awesome Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot Tail Baldy from the Gecko Genetics line.  A massive male, he has developed into a very beautiful golden orange Tangerine, with great conformation, blazing tangerine color, and one of the best carrot tails ever seen in a Tangerine. 



Tremper Sunglow Male

Sunrise is one of the most spectacular neon yellow male Sunglows we have ever seen. 

He is a huge male, and is a really gentle giant.  His babies with Tequila and Carrie will be awesome, bright yellow Sunglows!



Super Freak:

Giant Mack Snow 

This stunning young Mack Snow popped out of our Buffalo Bill Giant Mack Snow project.  We normally don't post young geckos on our collection but this one just had to be seen!  Spectacular doesn't even touch his amazing markings and uniqueness.  Buffalo Bill does it again!  Super Freak could just be one of the Best Mack Snows ever to be produced...imagine if he is a Super Giant?  Yikes.


Jack Nicholson:

Bold Stripe Mack Snow Male

Jack is a truly awesome example of a Bold Stripe Mack Snow. His intensely black pattern bordering and markings are going to intensify any breeding project, and combined with other Snows or Bold Stripes, he is sure to produce beautiful offspring with striking black markings.  His stout body conformation and incredible markings are amazing to see in person, and he is always a crowd favorite.




An incredible bright orange Bandit, Randy is one of our favorite geckos. His spreading carrot tail, rare orange coloration, and super friendly personality make him an amazing 5 star gecko.  We are excited to see what he will produce in the future with our numerous high end female Bandits like Jane.


Hot Moose Giant Female 

This gorgeous female is an outstanding example of our Hot Moose Giant females.  With bright coloring and a very tame and friendly personality, HM produces some of our most beautiful Giant babies.  We love this girl.  Her babies all have her sweet personality imbedded in their souls!




 Sunglow Super Giant

This is perhaps the best example of a Sunglow Super Giant we have seen, and we are thrilled to have this amazing male in our collection.  His neon yellow body color and lack of spots or bands, as well as his outstanding amount of carrot tail for a Giant, make this a 5 star gecko all the way.  His super friendly personality and massive size make his offspring some of the most sought-after Sunglow Giants in the world.



Tangerine White and Yellow

Mars just could be one of the best geckos in the world.  His amazingly bright coloration, smart and friendly personality, powerhouse W/Y genetics, and that incredible red planet paradox spot makes him an extremely rare and wonderful gecko.  We will be combining him with some of our best females to produce stunning geckos for the reptile community in the future.



Hot Moose Super Giant

Moosie is one of our favorite geckos in the Designer Geckos collection!  A beautiful gecko with great yellow and orange coloration, Moosie's wonderfully friendly personality and high level of intelligence make him one of the greatest breeding geckos in our collection.  He is a Hot Moose Super Giant, and we have many interesting projects planned for him in the future. 




Mandarin is a stunning brilliant orange Tangerine from our own Designer Geckos line.  His amazing coloration and high percentage of very bright carrot tail, combined with a high level of intelligence and sweet personality make him one of the best 5 star Tangerines in the world.  Be on the lookout for some really amazing orange geckos coming from this beautiful gecko.


We are always looking for top-notch geckos to add to our growing collection.

More will be added in the near future so please stay tuned to see what we are up to. 

Thanks for looking!



The Tangerine Girls....talking about life as designer geckos....