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Be sure to check out Ray's new Book:  The Leopard Gecko Advisor.  This is the most comprehensive, up to date reference on leopard geckos ever written.  Ray reveals all of his secrets on his cutting edge care program for maintaining and producing high quality geckos.  He also explains never before discussed aspects such as intelligence, socialization, enrichment, and much more...this book is a must have for all leopard gecko enthusiasts!  Check out the rave reviews on Amazon.  Proceeds from the sale of the book to benefit reptile rescue operations worldwide.

The cost of the book is $24.95 plus $5.00 shipping per book in the U.S. and $20.00 shipping per book Outside the U.S.

The book is also now available at AMAZON and in Europe by Chimaira Books 

Asian customers can purchase the book here: KAMAVANAN-Exotic Animal Book Store
                                                                                Contact: raymoherp@gmail.com

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Book reviews - The Leopard Gecko Advisor:

"I just finished reading your book "The Leopard Gecko Advisor". I have to say I was a bit hesitant to purchase it because I've read pretty much all the books written on leos and had considered the latest book to be the last one I would need to ever read. Boy was I surprised by this one! I never would have imagined being able to learn so much more on a subject I thought was previously covered extensively. It was also written in a way a laymen can understand without a lot of unnecessary or hard to decipher information. This will be THE book I will recommend for all my leo customers and really feel it should make my part on educating them much easier." - Tad Fitzgerald/Captive Bred Excellence

"I was happy to receive your book as a gift, and I must say it is very well written. I think it is an excellent resource for new gecko keepers, as well as veterans. It confirmed many of my philosophies and practices, and it’s good to know there are breeders that truly love their geckos!" - Marcia McGuiness/Golden Gate Geckos

"I've had the opportunity to meet Ray and Carol of (Designer Geckos) when they had their store here in Colorado. I have purchased numerous leopard geckos from Designer Geckos. Prior to the release of their book "The Leopard Gecko Advisor", Ray and Carol always took the time to explain their methodology of Leopard Gecko Care starting with the very first gecko I bought from them. Thei...r method is the pinnacle of reason of why my Leopard Geckos have thrived and are in top notch condition and health. My discussions with Ray and Carol at their Colorado store have lasted for hours on occasion. After reading this book, I can honestly say this book explains every method they taught me and more. Now that I own this book and no longer have the convenience of visiting them at their store in Colorado (they are now in AZ), I will continue to reference back to this book and all the important information Ray has offered to provide. While reading this book I felt the same passion I got when talking with Ray in person at their store. Ray and Carol with Designer Geckos are Top Notch with outstanding experience to Leopard Gecko care. This book is a must read for every Leopard Gecko keeper from the novice to the experienced keeper. A+++." - Craig Rostad



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Designer Geckos Mission Statement:  Designer Geckos is committed to high quality, humane care of leopard geckos, with particular emphasis on cutting-edge education and the furthering of the leopard gecko hobby worldwide.  Our animals are all of the highest level, with outstanding health profiles, genetics, socialization, conformation, color, and temperament.  Our commitment to exemplary customer service is second to none in the business, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee is our assurance that our customers, and our geckos, will have an enriching and positive experience.

"I can't say enough good things about Designer Geckos!  Ray and Carol were SO helpful with getting us started on our gecko journey, patiently guiding us and answering our many questions. His professional and caring approach is incredible!! It's evident he knows a lot about and loves the geckos in his care. This was evident in the extra careful way our geckos were shipped and in the incredibly beautiful and healthy animals we received! Their bodies full and robust, their temperaments very sweet and their colors knock your socks off!! I would recommend them over and over again."  Lisa - NY

"You guys are leading the way into leopard gecko future...your lavenders and oranges are unsurpassed.

The next big thing will come out of these types of lines, I am sure of it. You guys have made me forget all about other morphs."  Jarrod  -  IN


Here's an example of one of our new Zorro Mandarin Designer geckos we are producing.  They have beautiful orange and lavender coloration with great markings! We will have a very limited number of these available this year, but will produce many for the market in 2014...



Mandarin, our star Tangerine boy basking in the sunshine.  Watch for Mandarin Tangerines and Designers this season.....


Introducing....Mars.  This spectacular White and Yellow male may be one of the best geckos in the world today.  We have some amazing new projects we are working on with him so watch for some stunning new geckos later this year from this gorgeous boy.  Check out the red paradox spot on his side...let's develop that into a red gecko! 

What Designer Geckos is all about:

Designer Geckos is not your usual source for leopard geckos. Our business model is to provide a very unique niche in the leopard gecko pet field. We have both our online store, as well as an actual storefront location, the first and only one of its kind in the world!  Our goal is to provide reasonably-priced, top notch, beautiful geckos, and also to provide cutting-edge gecko education to our customers so they, and the geckos, have a wonderful and positive life experience. These geckos will all be premium geckos, with outstanding genetic bloodlines, extreme coloration and patterns, A-1 health, great conformation, and excellent temperament. These show-quality geckos are stunning in every sense of the word. Not only are they all choice animals, but, unlike large breeders who produce large numbers of geckos and may not have the time to spend with individual animals, we do provide direct human contact and socialization daily with each gecko. We feel it is important for some gecko enthusiasts to obtain not only spectacular geckos, but to receive them already socialized with humans and ready to easily be tamed when you receive and acclimate them.

Designer Geckos is owned by Ray and Carol Roehner.  Ray has a science degree, is a certified laboratory animal technologist, and has been raising reptiles and other animals since he was five.  Carol has extensive experience and training in sales, marketing, and customer service.  Their goals are to offer among the very best designer leopard geckos on the market, and also to provide solid customer support to ensure that your experience with Designer Geckos is a positive, professional, and enjoyable one.  

Our philosophy:

If you are new to the leopard gecko hobby, please be sure you are well-versed in the basics and principles of the proper care of leopard geckos, and have a fully functioning setup and temperature-regulated terrarium ready to receive these fine animals before buying one. We can provide you with all the information you will need to provide excellent care for your geckos. The humane and proper care of these geckos is of very high importance to us, and this philosophy will benefit you greatly so you can have an outstanding, healthy pet and addition to your family, or to have as an addition to your own breeding program, establishing our animals as breeders with outstanding temperament, color, size, and health aspects. 

The sources for our carefully selected animals:

In addition to our own breeding stock program, we choose the very best leopard geckos from various outstanding breeders who adhere to the same high standards of Designer Geckos. We choose only their very best animals to go into our breeding program. Once we obtain their geckos for our program, we continue to raise them to full maturity and adult coloration, ensure that they have outstanding health through our affiliated licensed reptile veterinarians, feed them high quality foods, and carefully socialize them so they get the kind of human contact and handling that will be of enormous benefit to you since many personality traits can be passed on to the geckos' offspring.  We have a parasite-free colony to ensure our geckos have an outstanding health profile, and our geckos are all 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We'd like to thank the following for their outstanding contributions and kind assistance in our gecko project: Ron Tremper, Garrick DeMeyer, and Steve Sykes, as well as all the other fine gecko folks who make this wonderful hobby such a pleasure to be involved in. A special thanks to Brittney Gougeon for developing our website.  Thanks also to Ottmar Liebert for our site's music, and Ed Unitsky for the beautiful logo artwork.


Designer Geckos pictures and website content is copyrighted and trademarked material. Unauthorized use of Designer Geckos' name, pictures, or content without expressed written permission is prohibited by applicable laws. 

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Here is a great female produced from our Venus and Mandarin.  She'll produce amazing babies for us next year!

Featured Geckos


Zorro Bandits:  So what is all this Zorro buzz about?  The Z that stands for Zorro is one of the most exciting topics in the shop these days!  This wonderful male Jungle Bandit is producing some of the most amazing Bandit leopard geckos in the world today.  Be on the lookout for his baby Banditos as their wanted posters get put up on our site's available page. 

Albino Firefox Enigma:  Note the bright orange eyes on these magnificent geckos, an amazing combination of our Mandarin Enigma line crossed with the pure Firefox.  This very robust gecko is truly one of the most beautiful geckos produced by Designer Geckos.  Watch for more of these to be available in the future.


Ronnie is our top of the line male in our Sunglow grouping.  This outstanding, massive, Sunglow Super Giant with solid neon yellow coloration and great carrot tail will produce bright yellow Super Giant babies with the same intelligence and friendly personality Ronnie is known for.  He is perhaps the #1 ranked Super Giant Sunglow in the world today.  

Venus, our prize Torrid Tangerine Enigma is ablaze with unbelievable color. Her amazing red and yellow blends, brilliant dorsal stripe, and classic enigma tail, as well as outstanding conformation, make her one of our most highly regarded geckos.

Golden Candy Cane (Albino Zorro Mandarin Designer) - These stunning geckos are the only ones in the world from this cross.  They are some sort of a variant that have never been seen before, and they are truly stunning to see in person.  Their high contrast orange streaking is a sight to behold.  Designer Geckos will produce more in the future so watch for these!